Shots fired in Old Washington Road area

Published 11:06 pm Tuesday, July 29, 2008

NATCHEZ — Early Tuesday morning, the Natchez Police Department responded to shots fired in the Old Washington Road area. They have a gun, but no shooter.

Sgt. Craig Godbold said when the police arrived, a car was leaving that area.

“The police officers stopped the car and when they did they found a 12-gauge shotgun in the back of the car,” he said.

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While the car belonged to a local man who was in the car, he wasn’t driving it.

An unknown man was driving the car and when he was pulled over, he jumped out of the vehicle and fled the scene, Godbold said.

“When he ran, he left the shotgun in the back seat, so now we have a shotgun,” he said.

Godbold said the NPD is currently trying to identify the driver and owner of the gun.