B-against Bingo; I-vote nay; N-is for no

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 31, 2008

Are you feeling lucky? A couple of Ferriday Town aldermen must. They’re ready to play the same chips again tonight at a specially called meeting to discuss yet another option to bring bingo to Ferriday.

Past moves have proven highly unpopular with the majority of residents who come out in opposition of such meetings.

But maybe the aldermen and the groups seeking permission to bring bingo to town are really supported by a huge, silent mob of bingo-playing taxpayers.

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While that may be possible, it seems highly unlikely.

Yet, despite having overwhelming opposition on a bingo measure considered earlier this month and also one shot down in May 2007, the bingo “pushers” persist.

Perhaps a couple of the aldermen are hopeful that without giving the public much notice the outcry against such a move will be minimal — this time.

Or could it be that they’re going to keep bringing up the matter as long as they legally can until it’s passed, regardless of how the residents of Ferriday feel.

We think the bingo issue is a closed one in Ferriday. The people have spoken; the options have been considered; and it was considered to be a losing proposition.

Let’s tear up the card, pack up the hopper full of numbers and look for another project — one that, perhaps, the community will support with open arms.