Financial plan returned to CVB

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 31, 2008

NATCHEZ — The proposed financial plan for the new hotel tax made it to the Natchez Convention Promotion Commission and with two days to spare.

The Natchez Advisory Marketing Committee is required by legislation to turn in a proposed marketing plan for the $2 occupancy tax to the CVB board by Aug. 1.

Last Friday, the CVB realized the legislation requirements, and let the committee know that the proposed plan needed to be submitted back to the commission within three days.

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The committee had already been sent a plan by the commission.

Sally Durkin, media liaison for the CVB, said the financial plan was turned in Tuesday.

Royal Hill, president of the CVB board, said the plan that was turned back in looks fine.

“There may be some adjustments made here or there but we do have a proposed plan,” Hill said.

The commission and committee will sit down Monday to discuss the plan.

At the next regular meeting of the commission, it will be reviewed and finalized, Hill said.

The final step in the approval process is presenting the financial plan to the board of aldermen.

“We’ll give it to them in time for their October budget meeting,” Hill said.