Tournament fishing action hot over summer months

Published 12:29 am Sunday, August 3, 2008

MONTEREY — The new Natchez-based Miss-Lou Bass Club fished a low near boiling Black River Lake near Monterey July 27th.

The 18 members and eight guests had only six limits and 69 bass as the sunny day hit 101 degrees after the 1 p.m. weigh-in.

John “Team Go-Mart” Bruce of Vidalia won easily with a 5 bass limit of 12.66 pounds anchored by the 4.54 lunker. Guest Randy Pitre of Vidalia had an 8.95 limit and Beau Barfoot an 8.48 limit (3.44 quality bite) to round out the best catches.

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Others with fish were: John Gillespie (8.25 limit, 3.93 qb), Will Cowan (6.61 limit), guest Jeff Greenlee (four for 6.27), guest Ronnie Gillespie (6.22 limit), James Golman (two for 6.09, 3.32qb), guest Jay Sandifer (four for 4.56), Ronny Douglas (two for 4.21), Joe Houghton (three for 3.95), Johnny Havard ( three for 3.41), Steve Gibson (three for 3.29), Henry Butler (two for 3.11), Doug Schexnayder (three for 3.03), Nick Rushing (two for 2.63), Chad Young (one for 1.52) and Ken McKnight (one for 1.32).

Also fishing were members Junior Book, Jerry Houghton and Buster Martinez plus guests Robbie Buckles, Johnny Davis, Jerry Enis and James Mullins.

Gillespie wins Concordia Bass Club tournament

JONESVILLE — The Vidalia based Concordia Bass Club launched 25 members and a guest for their July 19th event down “Highway Road Kill 124 South” on Larto Lake below Jonesville.

The hazy, hot 75 to 95 degree day was tough as only seven limits were among the 84 bass brought to the scales from the 89 degree low dingy waters.

Winner Ronnie Gillespie used jigs to fool a 10.74 limit while Alonzo Walker (three for 10.11; 4.20 quality bite on jigs) was second.

CBC tourney stat man Tim Houghton took third (9.64 limit on worms) while Johnny Davis (9.45 limit) was fourth.

Other top ten finishers were; fifth, John “Team Go-Mart” Bruce (9.44 limit and 4.53 lunker on spinnerbaits-jigs); sixth, Mark Morace (8.96 limit); seventh, guest Tim Tillman (three for 7.49); eighth, Randy Pitre (7.18 limit); ninth, CBC weighmaster Chad Pugh (four for 6.67) and 10th, J.D. Weeks (three for 5.84).

Also weighing fish were: Ricky “Team G-Loomis” Gillespie (four for 5.79), Theodore Walker (three for 5.58), Doug Schexnayder (fourfor 5.37 on worms), Clyde Morace (5.36 limit), Joe Houghton (three for 4.74), Jeffery Odom (three for 4.14), Trae Ladner (three for 3.92), Matt Smith (three for 3.91), Daniel Tillman (three for 3.65), Ray Ladner (3 for 2.86), Eric Hayes (two for 2.36), Sherry Clopton (two for 2.23), Chris Houghton (one for 1.77), Russell Brennan (onefor 1.38), James Mullins (one for 1.25) and Anthony Denig did not weigh.

Jamison takes first in River City Bass Club event

JONESVILLE — The Natchez-based River City Bass Club fished their July 19th contest during a muggy 76 to 95 degree day on Bushley Bayou north of Jonesville.

Eleven members and a guest weighed 52 bass that included eight limits and no zips.

Winner Dale Jamison of Natchez had a five fish limit weighing 11.38.

Buzz Craft had a 9.32 limit for second.

Ryan Marchbanks had 9.31 for third while fourth was David Cooper with an 8.96 limit.

Bo Strahan weighed the 3.74 lunker in his 8.03 limit.

Others weighing were Doug Jordan (7.40 limit), Corky Ables (6.83 limit), Gary Waller (5.99 limit), Jimmy June (three for 4.98), Britt Orth (four for 4.17), Cliff Merritt (three for 2.96, left early).

The guest, Mr. Mitchell, weighed two fish for 2.22.

Gillespie victorious on sizzling Lake Louis

SICILY ISLAND — The Borderline Bass Anglers hosted their July 12 event on a sizzlin 88 degree Lake Louis just west of Sicily Island in 79 to 95 degree breezy bluebird air conditions.

The lower dingy water produced 46 keepers, four limits and four zips for the 17 members plus two guests.

Two other clubs also launched for an event.

Winner Ricky “Team G-Loomis” Gillespie had one of the four small five bass limits for 8.90 pounds on plastics.

Trae Ladner found some crankabit bass for a 7.35 pound limit for second while third was Keith Andrews with five for 7.10 pounds on plastics.

Others with fish were: Jeffery Odom (6.45 limit on plastics), Wally Smith (four for 5.75), Barry Chapman (three for 4.80 and lunker 3.00), guest Nick Andrews (two for 3.55), Doug Schexnayder (three for 3.40 on plastics), Bill Murray (three for 3.25), Bob Holland, (three for 3.25), Buddy Smith (two for 2.70), Joey Chapman (two for 2.10), Steve Gibson (two for 1.85) and Ronnie Gillespie (one for .95).

Also fishing were Clifton Chapman, Meridith Chapman, Donny Chapman and Jestin Hardie.

Foster takes Kingfisherman’s Bass Club tourney

SICILY ISLAND — Robert Foster led the Natchez-based Kingfisherman Bass Club on a sizzling Lake Louis near Silicy Island July 12th with four fish weighing 5.75 pounds that included the 2.29 daily lunker.

Robert Myles was second with three for 4.68 while third was Issac Jones with three for 4.42.

Others with keepers included: fourth, James Brown (three for 3.15); fifth, Anthony Hauer (two for 3.02); sixth, Jimmy Sheppard (two for 2.13); seventh, James Payne (1.92); eighth, Andrew Rounds (1.74); ninth, Francis Ransom (1.20) and 10th, L. L. Chatman (1.11).

Hatton wins Concordia Bass Club June event

WISNER — Concordia Bass Club of Vidalia launched 26 members plus four guests to fish their June event on the flooded cypress lake Turkey Creek near Wisner.

The day was a cloudy, light breeze treat as 13 limits were among the 89 bass brought to the scales from the 84 to 87 degree waters.

Winner was guest local William Hatton (17.94 limit, 4.67 quality bite) while perennial guest local Roger Kirby (14.92 limit) was second.

Ronnie Gillespie took third (13.46 limit) while Danny “Team Triton” Smith (13.4 limit) was fourth.

Top 10 finishers were; fifth, John “Team Go-Mart” Bruce (13.14 limit); sixth, James Mullins (11.17 limit, 3.81qb); seventh, Alan Brumfield (10.82 limit); eighth, Randy Pitre (9.98 limit); ninth, Ray Ladner (four for 8.74, 5.59 lunker) and 10th, Johnny Davis (8.53 limit).

Others fishing were Theodore Walker (7.92 limit), guest (1.12) Terrell Foster (four for 7.77), Greg Myers (7.51 limit), Matt Smith (7.35 limit), Doug Schexnayder (four for 7.33), Tim Houghton (5.99 limit), Trae Ladner (two for 5.98), Grady Boykin (four for 5.49), Brenna Russell (two for 2.68), Chris Houghton (one for 1.76), Ricky Gillespie (one for 1.74), Joe Houghton (one for 1.54) and Chad Pugh (one for 1.30).

Also fishing were Ken McKnight, John Morace, Daniel Tillman, Doug Jordan, Travis McElwee and Alonzo Walker plus guest Brett Orth.

Hudnall wins June 22 event on Lake Concordia

FERRIDAY — The Miss-Lou Bass Club fished its June 22nd event on a dingy Lake Concordia near Ferriday where 31 showed to rack 10 limits, 10 zips and 85 keepers on the 86 degree, very dingy lake.

Veteran Truman Hudnall of Lake St. John used topwaters to fool a hefty 14.49 limit for the win. Chad Young of Jena had a fine 5.12 anchor with four bass to finish a solid 14.09 stringer mostly on Speed Craws while Anthony Denny of Natchez used topwaters to weigh a 12.40 limit and the impressive 6.18 daily lunker.

Finishing the Top Ten were: Danny “Team Triton” Smith of Monterey (12.45 limit on jigs), John “Team Go-Mart” Bruce of Vidalia (12.15 limit on jigs), Michael Smith of Clayton (12.04 on crankbaits), Clint Walker (10.62 on frogs), Bo Barfoot (10.29 on Speed Craws), Doug Schexnayder of Vidalia (four for 10.02 on jigs) and Nick Rushing (8.92 limit on spinnerbaits).

Others with fish were Jerry Houghton (four for 8.85), Albert Crouch (8.41 limit), Trey Gautreaux (four for 7.45), Doug Jordan (four for 7.33), Jim Golman (four for 6.78), Joe Houghton (four for 6.27), Jeff Greenlee (three for 5.65), Boyd Gautreaux (5.46 limit), Buddy French (one for 4,66), Johnny Davis (two for 4.63) and Eddy Houghton (one for 1.75).

Also fishing were James Golman, James Mullins, John Gillespie, Johnny Havard, Steve Gibson, Jamie Gautreaux, Tim Houghton, Robert Stanley, Justin Graves and Heath Willard.

Pitrie wins at June 15 event at Lake Louis

SICILY ISLAND — The 95 degree June 15 “Fruit Jar” on Lake Louis near Sicily Island followed a huge club event the day before that hammered the bass. A dozen hard core showed to fish until the temperatur reached 95 degrees at 1p.m. Randy Pitre of Vidalia had a 9.09 limit of bass with the 2.81 lunker on Spooks and other baits to squeak out the win over Jr. Book of Lake St. John who had a 9.07 limit and 2.78 quality bite on buzzbait-crankbait. Third was Jerry Houghton of Vidalia with a 7.45 limit on plastics while Doug Schexnayder of Vidalia had a 6.94 limit on War Eagle spinnerbaits-Monsoor jig to finish fourth.

Others with fish were: Ronnie Gillespie (6.04 limit), Ryan Marchbanks (5.98 limit), Stony Houghton (5.13 limit, 2.59 qb), Johnny Davis (5.02 limit) and Brian Calkins (4 for 4.34).

Also fishing were Brian Berkley, Ken McKnight and J. D. Weeks.