Soleil to open soon

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 12, 2008

NATCHEZ — Grand Soleil representatives have announced that the hotel will be open for business the first week of October.

Construction has labored on for months on the bluff to create a main hotel that provides meeting spaces, a restaurant, workout facility, bar and lounge and business center.

On the edge of the bluff lies a pool with a tiki bar.

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The main hotel is flanked by two small hotels, formerly the Ramada Inn Hilltop hotels.

Both of the buildings have been completely renovated and refurbished to complement the large hotel.

A total of 125 rooms will be open through the three hotels.

“My partners and I are very proud to offer our guests the accommodations and customer service which will exceed their expectations,” Grand Soleil President Bill Bayba said. “Our resort will enhance the Natchez experience.”

Grand Soleil officials also announced that the construction on the casino site is ongoing and on schedule.

Plans to open the casino boat are projected for after the first of the year, Bayba said.

The boat, anchored at the Natchez-Adams Port, was officially licensed as a casino operator by the Mississippi Gaming Commission in late May.

This license gives casino officials’ the ability to begin placing orders for gaming tables, slot machines and other casino amenities.

In mid-June all the boat’s mechanical testing was complete and the boat was soon to be outfitted.

Once both the hotel and the casino are open, Grand Soleil will offer more than 400 career opportunities.

Over the past months, the Grand Soleil has been faced with a lawsuit from one of the partners over contractual issues and also have received flak from members of the Indian tribe offering financial backing to the project.