Bad weather doesn’t stop good news

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 18, 2008

Much needed rains cleansed the Miss-Lou this week, but even the clouds couldn’t dampen spirits and stop the good news.

Let’s review some of the great things that happened this week.

4Members of the Robert Lewis Middle School orchestra got exciting news Thursday — they qualified to participate in the National Orchestra Festival.

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The strings players auditioned for the festival last spring, and are working to raise the funds needed to go to Atlanta in March.

4 It’s been five years since Mike Worley and Logan Sewell first decided to start the Bowie Knife Show, and each year the show gets better. The knife show adds to an array of weekend events the Miss-Lou has, and attracts gun and knife lovers from across the country.

4 Eric Burns, son of local residents Pat and Connie Burns, has taken his love of art, engineering and business to a lifesaving level. Burns was part of a group that designed a mosquito net intended to protect those living in Africa from malaria. The clever design — that includes colored insecticide — won the International Design Excellence Award.

Regardless of what the week’s weather report brings, we know the week to come will be a good one in the Miss-Lou.