With onset of fall comes good news

Published 12:00 am Monday, September 29, 2008

The thermometer doesn’t know it, but fall is here.

And with fall comes plenty to do in the Miss-Lou. Things have been picking up for the last few weeks, and it will only get busier. But with the activity comes some good news.

Let’s review the good headlines last week brought us:

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4The Natchez Trails Project is still on track, and coming to fruition soon. Groundbreaking should occur in the spring, but first the organizers are continuing to collect input from the local community. This is the best way to build a community project, and we applaud the group’s leaders for asking for input.

4Fall Pilgrimage began Saturday, and traffic was good, those involved said.

We all know how important a successful Pilgrimage is to our community, and we hope this fall will prove profitable for homeowners, restaurants, gas stations and shops. Make sure you let your out-of-town friends know that Natchez is the place to be.

4Poor Jim Bowie gets shot and stabbed over and over again each year, but his misery is Vidalia’s success. The great knife duel — though tragic at the time — has contributed to one of Vidalia’s greatest annual festivals.

Locals and visitors alike have enjoyed barbecue, good music and fun all weekend long.

As the new week begins in earnest, bringing a new month along with it, we know good days are ahead.