Lies, con games continue in race

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 3, 2008

The democrats are so lucky. They have the diaper-changing media and the pantywaist Republicans. What a mismatch.

Pelosi and company lie and lie about their lies. It’s frightening because the media will not do its job. Journalism is dead for the networks.

Since no Republican can be found to blame, they blame the Republican party for the laws the Democrats failed to oversee.

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They blame Republicans who warned them on the record in 2004! They blame McCain who tried a reform bill in 2005!

They do not blame the looters like Raines-Johnson-Gorelick. They do not blame Frank, Dodd and the rest who are on the record defending the Democrat looters in 2004.

This is frightening. Truth does not matter. There is no journalism. Without talk radio and online sources, we would never know the whole story.

Expect more of this dangerous party, the party where truth never matters.

Doug Schexnayder, Ph.D.

Vidalia resident