Color plentiful in wardrobe option

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 5, 2008

The calendar said fall started about two weeks ago, and for many that meant it was time to rotates the clothes in the closet.

The beginning of fall means its is time to shed the summer apparel and step into fall fashion.

And despite the warm temperatures in the Miss-Lou, owner of Katie’s Ladies Katie McCarstle, said people are ready for new clothes as soon as fall begins.

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“Around here we are ready to wear our fall clothes despite the temperature,” McCarstle said. “Even if it is hot outside, we will fake it.”

McCarstle said new trends this fall give people a reason to shop and update their wardrobe.

One of the most notable differences for this season, according to McCarstle, is the addition of color to the fall lines.

“We are seeing more color this fall than we have in years,” she said. “We have purple, different shades of green, lots of royal blue, yellow and lots of gold this season.”

McCarstle said that in past season, there has been a lot of brown and black in the market for fall and winter.

“It was blah like the weather,” McCarstle said.

Jessie Chandler, manager of Rrus & Company in Vidalia said she has seen the same trend as far as color in her store.

“Purple has definitely been the most popluar,” Chandler said. “Anything that is in purple has been really moving this year.”

Chandler said that the color splash carries over to purses and handbags as well.

“Purses are bigger this year,” Chandler said. “And they are mostly in purple, hot pink and turquouise.”

For those who are still comfortable in their neutrals, there are colorful accessories like scarves and gloves that can add “a burst of color.”

Colorful knit scarfs, according to McCarstle, are the perfect item to complete an outfit.

And the bright colors are popular in all different pieces including leather and suede.

“Colored leather jackets really started last year, and have just been building for this year,” McCarstle said.

Something entirely new for this year is the vest. McCarstle said vests were stylish in years past but haven’t been extremely popular again until this season.

“We have seen lots of vests,” she said. “The vest is definitely back.”

And to go under that new vest — the perfect white blouse. A white blouse has long been a staple in fashion, but there is a renewed interest in finding the right fit.

“It’s about finding the one that fits you best,” McCarstle said. “We are seeing big sleeves and bell sleeves.

With cooling temperatures, finding a jacket or coat is a top priority. This year there are several options.

Trench coats in both bright and neutral colors have been popular at Katie’s Ladies.

“You can wear them belted at the waist, and they are really cute,” McCarstle said.

Also big this fall is the three-quarter length sleeved jacket. McCarstle said the silhouette created with this type of jacket is flattering for most people.

With a three-quarter length sleeved jacket, you may worry about your arms being exposed to the cold, but there is no need. Designers have compensated for the sleeve length on jackets by designing long gloves for the fall and winter.

“We may not have to worry (about the really cold temperatures) here, but we still like to look cute.” McCarstle said.

Even though it is only October, it isn’t too early to start thinking about finding the right outfits for the holiday season.

Holiday attire has just started arriving at Katie’s Ladies, and there is a lot of metallic fabric and beaded tops to get you in the festive spirit.

Accessories are key to finishing off the perfect outfit, whether just for day-to-day wear or for the holidays. Longer is better and more is better when it comes to necklaces, McCarstle said.

“You’ll see a lot of gold, and pearls are always in,” she said.

Chandler agreed that gold is popular and said that bangles are also really big this season.

Chandler attributes the influx of gold into the market to the new colors of the season. She said gold toned jewelry compliments the clothing better than silver tones.

Trendy shoes this season feature a high heel which is a change from the flats that have been popular, according the Chandler.

One of the biggest parts of looking good is feeling good, and McCarstle said there are several ways to accomplish that.

She said SPANX, a popular brand of body shapewear, is incredibly popular.

Rouching, is the gathering of fabric in an item of clothing. McCarstle said it is also figure flattering.

“It is very flattering,” McCarstle said. “One of my dealers says ‘It hides a multitude of sins.’”