ACCS faces similar team after taking on tough opponents

Published 12:12 am Tuesday, October 7, 2008

NATCHEZ — After running the gauntlet of tough teams the past few weeks, the Adams County Christian Rebels will finally face a team they match up well with.

Now they just have to make it happen.

The Rebels (0-6) will travel to Haynesville, La., to take on Class A Claiborne Academy, which only has a 1-5 record this year.

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“We feel like we match up pretty well with them,” ACCS coach Paul Hayles said. “It should be a very competitive ball game for us.”

However, the game isn’t a slam dunk by any means.

Claiborne’s only win this season was a 14-13 triumph over Wilkinson County Christian, a team that defeated ACCS 20-7 in the opening week of the season.

“They have been very competitive in a number of games,” Hayles said of Claiborne. “They’ve had some bad luck that cost them some victories. They beat WCCA and we’re working hard to prepare for them.”

Hayles said despite playing one of the toughest schedules in the MPSA, the Rebel players have continued to work to improve.

“Our kids keep a positive outlook,” Hayles said. “When you endure what we have, you’ve got to keep your head up and keep faith. We’ll put together a solid game plan and hopefully go up north and execute it on Friday night.”

Part of that game plan will consist of not turning the ball over and making tackles.

Turnovers and missed tackles have been a consistent thorn in the side of the Rebels, and Hayles said it is something that must stop.

“We’ve got to reduce the turnovers and we’ve got to wrap up (when tackling),” Hayles said. “We put ourselves in the correct place on defense, but we don’t make the play. Those missed tackles are big for our opponents. We’ve got to make the plays that are there. We’ve done that a few times, but not enough.”