Natchez recycling effort takes big step forward

Published 11:32 pm Tuesday, October 14, 2008

NATCHEZ — Start saving those bottles and cans — it’s time to recycle.

At Tuesday’s recycling committee meeting, Bubba Kaiser, co-owner of Natchez Metals and Recycling, said his business will be ready to begin accepting recyclables Oct. 27.

While Tuesday’s committee meeting had a very low turnout, it was the first meeting where concrete plans to recycle were established.

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Committee member Steve McNerney said he was excited to see recycling moving forward.

In recent weeks the committee has gone from attempting to organize a grassroots recycling effort to committing themselves to educate the community on the benefits of recycling.

And now that Kaiser has announced plans to start recycling, McNerney’s said it’s time for the committee to get to work.

“This gives us a commitment to move forward,” he said. “This is a call to action for us.”

Fellow committee member Mike Lazarus said the committee’s efforts now must focus on getting into local schools to educate students, and the community, on the benefits of recycling.

And Kaiser said the educational aspect of recycling is critical to its success in the area.

Recycling’s success depends on tonnage, Kaiser said.

“Education will be a major part of this,” Kaiser said.

Once operational, Natchez Metals will accept cardboard, paper, plastic and cans.

Kaiser said he’ll also take plastic in the form of shrink-wrap and metal cans like the ones used for food.

However, those dropping off recyclables must clean any food products from their recyclables before they can be processed.

Kaiser’s facility will have pull-up service so that those with recyclables only need to drop their goods in the bins.

“You can just drop it off and leave,” he said.

Kaiser even said his staff will assist the elderly if they can’t handle what they’ve brought in.

While it’s only a matter of days before area residents will have an opportunity to recycle, Lazarus, like McNerney, said he was excited for the committee to get to work.

“Now we have a plan,” he said. “Now we know where we’re going.”