Recreation can happen without tax increase

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why don’t Natchez officials get some tips from Vicksburg on the way they got their recreation complex?

I know they have four casinos that played a big part, from what I was told, in getting theirs.

In the future, Natchez should have three casinos that could help in this matter. I believe this is the way to get it done.

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Also, with Rentech coming to Adams County that could be a big help to the financing.

I remember in the 50s, as a kid playing baseball, that the oil field, plants and individuals donated material, money, time and talents from building bleachers to fencing and scoreboards.

I remember those days as if it was yesterday.

Thanks need to go to Mr. Clarence Bowlin for all his years of service in the Dixie Youth and etc., for he loved us kids.

The fathers that coached me, Mr. Nolan Biglane, Mr. Smith (Kevin Smith’s dad, everyone called him Mr. Smithy), Mr. Bill Johnson, Mr. Bill Bucinteeni, Mr. Premo Stallone and Mr. Spike Newman.

We will never forget your kindness and encouragement that you gave to me and my friends the love of baseball.

I know I have left someone out that coached during that time, but I’m trying to make a point so please forgive me.

I have, in the past, wanted this recreational complex as bad or worse than most.

I would like to see Natchez have one.

Is there any way we could do it without taxing people with higher tax?

I said way back that the recreational complex would pay for itself, and that this would have been a better issue than the convention center at the time.

Natchez people as a whole, I feel, would want this recreation complex, but it’s getting harder these days to make a living and meet your obligations as a whole.

Natchez is a Medicare, Medicaid, relief check and minimum-wage town.

Until we get higher wages and skilled jobs as we had in the past, it will be hard to see daylight on this issue.

Also, this should be voted on by the people, being a high dollar project.

I believe that if people work together, and mostly with God’s help, all is possible.

So, board of supervisors and Natchez Board of Alderman, get it going by asking other cities how they accomplished getting theirs without raising taxes.

Gene Simonton

Natchez resident