Without help, trip wouldn’t happen

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 19, 2008

There has always been something about Natchez that has evoked strong emotions in me. Born and raised here, I moved away in my teens. Living in various parts of the country, then off to college here in Mississippi and Germany, Natchez always called me home. That sense of community and roots could not be found anywhere else. Describing my feelings for this city, I recall the theme song from the sitcom “Cheers” — Where everybody knows your name.

This week I was once again reminded of what makes Natchez such a special place: Its people. When the children of our school orchestra needed help, the people of Natchez responded in a way that has both amazed and moved me. The money needed was raised and the deadline met.

I want to thank everyone who helped: our Superintendent Dr. Anthony Morris, the school board, the principals at Morgantown Elementary and Robert Lewis Middle School, and all who sent donations. Special thanks to Casey Hughes and Gwen Ball who are a booster club unto themselves! To all who helped, you have our most heartfelt gratitude.

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An indication of the quality of a civilization is that talent and intellect, the sources of art and culture are sought out and cultivated.

In the Natchez-Adams School District’s string orchestra program we strive for that daily. Natchez scores high on the indicator of civilization.

Shawn Smith

Robert Lewis Middle School

orchestra director