Summer was full of neighborhood fun

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 28, 2008

As the events of the long hot summer of 2008 fade into memory I would be remiss if I did not publicly express my deepest appreciation to those who assisted with rejuvenating community spirit and excitement for residents of the Minor Street area at the Minorville Jubilee and the National Night-Out Block Party.

Despite the sweltering summer heat, this year’s Jubilee brought probably everyone in the neighborhood to the street for a few minutes as they hugged, laughed, conversed and enjoyed a free home-cooked meal prepared by ladies from the neighborhood.

Throughout the day, numerous children ignored the heat and screamed from the excitement of the fun and games. At sunset, there was an additional overflow of those who had earlier remained indoors to avoid the hot sun.

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Such positive diversions provide unforgettable memories and contribute to the well being of all ages as some children have few chances to experience real childhood happiness and the elderly appreciate reminiscing.

Although I no longer reside in the Minor Street area, my husband was raised in this area. My family and I lived there for almost 20 years as we established lifetime bonds with former neighbors and friends that continue to unite us as one big happy family.

The Minorville family of residents and friends express our deepest appreciation to those who contributed to making this year’s Jubilee an overwhelming success. We extend special thanks to Ward IV Alderman Tony Fields, who donated a hit entertainment activity for the children — a wet and dry space jump.

Thanks to Commander Daniel White and the five officers from the Natchez Police Department who supervised crowd control. A special thanks to Sgt. Perry Bruce, who volunteered several off-duty hours and was additionally helpful while working his regular duty shift.

Thanks to the Natchez Fire Department for the ladder truck water spray as the children are simply not satisfied without this activity regardless to anything else that is provided. Thanks to Natchez Public Works, Natchez Recreation and Waste Management.

Last but not least, I want to thank the Minorville community family. Thanks to our cooks, Larry Ross assisted by Terry Smith, who cooked nearly 20 cases of barbecue chicken, the ladies who prepared side dishes and served over 500 plates of free food to community elderly, children and friends including delivering plates to home bound residents.

Thanks to Minorville neighbors and friends who donated food, set up tents, cleaned yards, donated the use of their property, utilities or facilities.

The National Night-Out Block Party provided an additional opportunity for residents to co-mingle and get acquainted with police officers and elected officials. It heightens awareness of drug/crime prevention through strengthening neighborhood and community crime fighting efforts while boosting community spirit. It also sends criminals a message that communities are uniting against crime and fighting back to maintain safe and peaceful neighborhoods.

We thank our elected officials, law enforcement personnel, and participants from our neighboring cities of Vidalia and Ferriday who traveled in the large caravan through several Natchez neighborhoods.

Thanks to our volunteer cook, Mr. Alfred Hunter, our volunteer food servers, neighbors, and friends who assisted with this event.

In the event that I failed to mention anyone, thanks to everyone in Natchez who contributed in any way to making these events successful! Thank you everyone and may God continue to bless you abundantly!

Carolyn R. Smith

Natchez resident