McCain is top choice for president

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 30, 2008

I will answer the questions posed by Mr. Woody and Mrs. Golden in Sunday’s edition of The Democrat.

Winning the war in Iraq is not only important to America, it is imperative. A loss by us is a victory for the terrorists. The reason we have not had more terrorist acts in America is because we are fighting them elsewhere and winning.

The few attempts that have been made in this country have been discovered and prevented. We may not have captured Osama Bin Laden, but you do not see him making public appearances. We need strong military leadership — that’s John McCain.

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When a baby can be delivered feet first, except for the head, and stabbed in the neck, that is murder. When medical care is denied to the babies who have survived the abortions, that is murder. When the development of another human being is willfully stopped, that is murder.

The state of Colorado will be voting on Nov. 4 on an amendment to their state constitution defining personhood. They are using the same definition as used by the scientists: Personhood begins at conception. I pray that this amendment will pass and this will be the beginning of an end to abortions. The mother’s free will was before conception and the would-be father also has a responsibility in this matter. We need someone who values life —that’s Sarah Palin.

Corporations do not pay taxes. They pass that expense savings on to the consumers — that’s us. Increasing their taxes increases our cost of goods and services and sends more jobs to other countries. Getting a once-a-year tax refund (or handout if you do not pay taxes) will not make you rich. We need business incentives to increase production (including energy production) in this country to increase employment. Increasing the tax burden on the already tax-burdened does not stimulate the economy. We need a sound economic policy — that’s John McCain’s.

God made man and God made woman. In same sex unions you have a man and a man or a woman and a woman;. Marriage is between a man and a woman and any other combination is a choice of a different kind of adultery; it is not a marriage. We need someone with high moral and family values — that’s Sarah Palin.

A vote against Barack Obama is not racist. He is only half black; he is also half white. It is not his color, but his ideals and past history and voting record and associates that make it scary to think he might be the next president.

I vote as a Democrat in our local elections because that is how our local elections are run, but I am strictly conservative, and I will vote pro-life every time.

I will say what Larry Woody and Roma Golden left out — Vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin. Our moral majority can win.

Patsy Logan

Adams County resident