Let’s hope voter fraud is out of play

Published 8:05 am Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It has resurfaced again, like a cancer that will not go away — voter fraud.

I thought that we in Concordia Parish and Wilkinson County have the franchise on voter fraud, but as I read and hear, there are other states that have engaged in these tactics to promote the election of one candidate over another. I have heard of people being able to register and vote on the same day, and if they cannot produce a picture ID or proof of residency, their word will be good enough.

If small areas like Concordia and Wilkinson can produce fraudulent votes; then imagine how many their may be across the USA.

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Someone once told me that a former Concordia politician may have voted a dead person. I fear that this election, whole cemeteries will be voting.

My largest problem with this fraud is that the Democrats have persuaded the dead Republicans to vote Democratic. Maybe they were disenfranchised.

So many varying poll numbers on the presidential race make it hard to know who is right. Those who watch news channels with hosts Matthews and Olbermann should trade their Kool Aid for a six pack if you want to know an ounce of truth.

They blame all of the problems on President Bush and the Republicans, not the Democratic-controlled Congress that was warned several years ago of the Wall Street problem.

I predict that both presidential candidates are tied even for the legal legitimate votes that will be cast. Guess who will get the 10 percent or more fraudulent votes?

Those far left Democratic supporters are willing to destroy the American economy to promote their views. A former Russian leader during the Cold War said the United States would go down without firing a shot. I would never have believed this 25 years ago during the Reagan administration. I’m not so sure now.

Democrats say that many people will not support Obama because of race. My problem with Obama is not the color of his skin, but the color of his mind. I do not support his ideas of spreading the wealth, his socialistic views, ties to hate promoting religious leaders and inexperience.

America is at one of the major crossroads of all times. Many people are lured to a candidate with the promise of free health care, free housing, free food and free money without working for it. As I tell many telemarketers that call offering a free gift, “send the free gift only if it doesn’t cost me any money.”

I am still waiting on those gifts to arrive.

The failed social experiment did not work in Russia, and it will not work in America.

We already give many of these free services to young-able bodied, non-working single parents while many widows of veterans have to either depend on children for financial help or do without.

I would urge voters to carefully think and seek the truth before casting a vote today. I can live with what most anyone else can, but if several years from now you realize that you made a mistake, I will be glad to tell you “I told you so.”

Morgan White

Ferriday resident