Watering the seeds will take everyone

Published 10:31 pm Tuesday, November 18, 2008

In order to grow, you have to be healthy.

That’s logic that applies to plants, pets and people. But it also applies to things like towns, cities and government.

Concordia Parish Industrial and Economic District Director Heather Malone knows this, and she’s starting at square one.

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Malone, hired in August to fill a long-vacant job of industry-hunter, has a few goals for her job.

She wants to see industrial growth, more businesses and a growing community.

But right now, the seeds have to be watered.

Malone says her job starts with things like streets, drainage and revitalization.

In order for Concordia Parish to be economically ready for growth, the seeds of success have to sprout first.

Those seeds are anything and everything that fit under the giant umbrella of community development.

As Malone gets to work on her goals, we hope area politicians and business leaders will jump on board and do what it takes to get things growing.

Their first step is healthy communication.

We are happy to see Malone in place. And we hope her vision for Concordia Parish can become a vision we all embrace.