Grand Gulf not operating at full capacity yet

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 20, 2008

Port Gibson — After a minor fire Monday, Port Gibson’s Grand Gulf nuclear power plant is still taking the necessary steps to run the facility at full capacity.

Jami Cameron, the site’s communication specialist, said the plant was operating at approximately 87 percent Wednesday.

Tuesday the plant was only running at 65 percent capacity.

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Cameron said an investigation into the incident revealed the fire began after a minor oil leak saturated insulation in the room which houses the main turbine’s feed water pump turbine.

Temperatures in the room reach 400 degrees and caused the oil to ignite, Cameron said.

The fire caused minor damage to the pump turbine, not to the plant’s main turbine.

Since Monday, the leak has been fixed and the insulation has been replaced.

Cameron said the new insulation will “reduce the probability of fire again.”

Cameron did not say when the plant would be operating at 100 percent capacity.