District Attorney-elect Burget planning for transition

Published 12:18 am Sunday, November 23, 2008

VIDALIA — District Attorney-elect Brad Burget has as lot of decisions to make.

Those decisions include financial, strategic and personnel considerations, and with approximately six weeks left before he takes office, he’s taking his time to make them right.

“I’m just taking resumes right now, and I’ve made no decisions yet,” he said.

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Currently, Burget is back in the first assistant district attorney’s slot, a position he vacated to run for the office.

“I’ve been really busy with a lot of decisions to be made and getting back up to speed on all of my cases,” he said.

There are several trials set for the early part of the year, and there were several homicides that happened while Burget was campaigning.

“We’re going to present those to the grand jury,” he said. “I think any homicide needs to be presented to the grand jury.”

But while he works as the first assistant district attorney, he’s taking that opportunity to work with his soon-to-be former boss, John Johnson, who decided not to run for re-election earlier this year.

“Mr. Johnson has been wonderful,” Burget said. “Anything I want or need, he has been really hands-on with for any questions I had. As for the prosecution — those decisions are (still) made by Mr. Johnson.”

As one of 14 newly minted district attorneys around the state, Burget said he is looking forward to an upcoming seminar for newly elected district attorneys so he can talk with some of the older district attorneys about how they incorporated technology into their offices.

“I intend on picking the brains of a lot of district attorneys on how they do their systems,” Burget said. “There is no reason to reinvent the wheel.”

State law sets the date for district attorneys to take office on the second Monday in January.

In 2009, that will be January 12.