Parish school board not getting pay raise

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 12, 2008

VIDALIA — A majority of the Concordia Parish School Board voted to raise its pay, but the motion failed because a simple majority isn’t enough.

School board policy dictates that a two-thirds majority of the board has to vote in favor of any pay increase for board members.

The motion to increase pay from $350 a month to $600 was made by board member Raymond Riley and was seconded by member Martha Rabb.

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The state average for school board member pay is $618, Riley said.

“I look at it like this — we have given our employees raises, and we have given extra checks when available,” he said. “I think it is time for the school board to get a raise in their compensation.”

Board members Fred Butcher, Mary Campbell, Daryl Price, Rabb and Riley voted in favor of the pay raise, while members Darlene Baker, Deanie Roberts and President Gary Parnham voted against it.

Board member Ricky Raven was not present.

After the vote, Butcher made a motion that, since the issue of pay raises has come up several times this year, the board bar themselves from bringing it up again this term.

“We have voted on this three times,” Butcher said. “I don’t think it needs to be brought up with this board again.”

Such a vote may actually be questionable legally, and so Parnham suggested getting the board’s legal counsel to investigate the legality of such a vote.

No one seconded Butcher’s motion, however, letting it die.

The board also voted to appoint Monterey School Vice Principal John Bostic as interim Principal at Monterey School.

Principal Neeva Sibley’s retirement was approved last month, and she will retire in January.

The district will advertise to fill the principal’s position in April and will plan to make the appointment in May before school ends, Superintendent Loretta Blankenstein said.