Community must fight drug dealers

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I lost my son Randy Jr. on Thanksgiving morning.

Randy was lost because illicit drugs consumed his life.

Drugs are rampant in our community, and it is time for the drug dealers to be arrested and sent to Parchman.

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I am calling upon all law abiding citizens of all races, creeds and colors to stand together and insist that all law enforcement agencies work together to rid our community of illegal drugs.

I am calling upon the sheriffs, police chiefs and all law enforcement agencies to demand that those selling drugs are arrested, convicted and incarcerated for their demeaning actions relating to the sale of illicit drugs.

As a public official myself, I pledge to the citizens of the Town of Centreville that I will insist that our police department do its job and that those known to sell drugs will be captured and punished.

My heart goes out to those young people and their parents who are addicted to drugs. I lost my son because of them, and I pray that our community will rid itself of this horrible menace.

Mary West

Centreville resident