Riser has right idea for legislature

Published 12:03 am Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The best way to tackle problems is head on.

Procrastination gets you nowhere, and it certainly will not put more money in the bank.

District 32 Louisiana Sen. Neil Riser wants to get a jumpstart on the state’s expected financial woes, and he’s definitely got the right idea.

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Riser plans to pre-file legislation that will move the start of the session to the last Monday in January. It is typically scheduled to start in April.

The senator is worried that the Legislature needs more time to look at the state’s budget. And Riser said he thinks it would better serve all state agencies for the Legislature to have a budget in place well before the next fiscal year begins.

He’s right.

The current budget was set to receive oil royalties with oil prices at $84 a barrel, and prices are currently at approximately $39 a barrel.

Projects that have already been approved may not happen.

American families began dealing with an economic crunch months ago. Taxpayers had no choice.

It’s time the elected officials follow suit.

Hopefully Riser’s legislation will pass. The sooner we face this problem, the faster we’ll have a solution.