Bass spawn could start next month

Published 12:07 am Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our area lakes are in great shape going into January.

Water levels are at or above normal. Higher water levels will give the bass and white perch plenty of places to spawn. The bass spawn could kick-off as early as mid February.

The beginning of the spawn is, of course, determined by the water temperature.

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This week, the lakes averaged about 55 degrees. We will have some more cold weather that will probably bring the water temperature down to the upper 40s. That’s when the January bite gets tough but it is short lived.

The first warm spell that passes in February will send the big sow bass and slab white perch toward the shallow flats.

Now is the best time to catch big bass. The females are putting on a lot of weight, and you can find enough fish in January to keep it interesting.

If you start the day thinking numbers in January you may get disappointed. If you think 5 or maybe 6 bites in 8 hours you’re thinking right. The good news is those bites are usually from big fish.

The water clarity on Lake Bruin, Concordia and St. John was perfect this week. There is still some stained water on either end of the oxbow lakes and near the run-outs, but for the most part the main lake is clear.

Lake Concordia’s bass have been hard to catch lately, but that should change once the fish move to the cypress trees.

I fished for bass on Lake Bruin during the holidays, and that was an easy trip. Lake Bruin has the depth, cover and water clarity that makes it a great lake.

I boated 14 or 15 nice size bass and left them biting.

January can be a difficult month for numbers but it is a good month for big fish. There are several bass tournaments set for this month.

You can pick up entry forms at Eddie’s Marine in Vidalia or visit

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