New year holds great promise

Published 12:24 am Sunday, January 4, 2009

For millions of Americans, 2008 is a year they hope to soon forget — especially if they were among the majority who saw their retirement investments drop in value during the global economic slowdown.

But as we venture into the next calendar year, the Miss-Lou holds huge potential for great, positive things ahead.

Movement is expected soon on the sale of Natchez Regional Medical Center. The deal holds the potential to spark more economic development than 100 new mom and pop businesses would, especially if the new owners recruit a number of new physicians.

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Those physicians need staff, and all of them will shop here, buy houses here and generally contribute to the economy.

Hopefully the new Adams County Correctional Facility will be online soon, bringing with it a massive boost to the economy.

The year 2009 may also be the year that the City of Natchez expands its borders with annexation of some soon-to-be-developed land.

And, if we’re lucky, Natchez and Adams County leaders will put their heads together to decide a cooperative course of action to take on the much-ballyhooed recreation issue.

Yes, 2009 appears to be a year with great prospects ahead. And in most cases we control our own destiny. So let’s stay positive, keep pulling together and make 2009 a year to remember.