New tax, county leaders gore this ox

Published 11:36 pm Thursday, January 22, 2009

Well, since the legislature is back in session, it’s time for me to do a little ranting.

I see the cigarette tax is back on the table again but I didn’t see anything about doing away with the grocery tax — strange!  Is that because, as usual, it’s easier to tax something that is not popular than to reduce a tax that they proposed when this first came up? As I mentioned in an earlier letter, the legislature told us that the legalizing of alcohol would produce enough money forever — as would taxes from gambling.

I never criticize the staff of The Natchez Democrat because I think they do a great job but I have noticed several editorials and columns devoted to the evils of smoking and supporting the cigarette tax and the ban on smoking. I have also noticed that they still accept advertising dollars from the tobacco stores — is this like an ox goring situation?

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You remember ox goring — that is when you are not affected by something so you don’t care but when it impacts you, then you get upset and want to be heard — like me.

What if the legislature decided to put a 10 cent tax on each text message? I don’t use text messaging so it wouldn’t bother me if they did this so my ox wouldn’t be gored.  Or how about putting the sales tax on everything ordered over the Internet — would that gore your ox?

On another note, I read in the newspaper that our supervisors, in their wisdom, voted not to fund the EDA but every one of them included jobs in their platform when running for office. So why did they decide to not fund the only agency devoted entirely to seeking new jobs?

They say they don’t see anything the EDA has done but have they looked at the fine new prison on U.S. 84?  I’m sure none of them could keep up with Woody Allen and the work he has done as a volunteer for this city and county through the EDA along with other board members and staff.

While on the subject of the county board of supervisors, why is it such a big thing that they “decided” to help the city clean up after the tornado that hit mainly in the city? Don’t the citizens of Natchez also live, vote and pay taxes in the county?

When the supervisors are running for election or re-election, they spend a lot of time soliciting votes from Natchez citizens.

If we are going to do away with every organization or agency that we decide doesn’t do anything for us individually, most elected officials better get their resumes updated.

Forest Persons

Natchez resident