Local teen a whiz with the camera

Published 2:21 am Monday, January 26, 2009

VIDALIA — It was a tangle with technology that helped Holly Hutchins find her passion.

When The Dart found Holly and her mother, Lisa Hutchins, at their Charles Street residence, they were cleaning house, straightening a picture frame here, dusting a picture frame there — frames containing photos Holly took.

At 15, Holly has been through four cameras since her picture-taking days began in earnest, and it all started because her mother got a new camera.

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“Mom didn’t know how to work the camera, so I had to figure it out,” Holly said.

Along the way, she picked up a few awards in photography contests, but it was this year that Holly took her talent to the next level by taking her 18-year-old sister Tammy’s senior portraits.

“(Tammy) wouldn’t let anyone else take them,” Lisa Hutchins said.

Holly said she likes to take portraits, and her sister is her favorite subject.

“Tammy thinks of about half the ideas we do, and I think of about half the ideas,” Holly said.

And her sister doesn’t mind indulging her sister in front of the camera.

“I always wanted to be a model, but I’m too short,” Tammy said.

“She tells me where, and I pose.”

Not everyone in the family is in on the gig, though. Holly and Tammy’s sister, Danielle, said she keeps out of Holly’s artistic projects as much as she can.

“I don’t really like pictures because I don’t like to dress up,” Danielle said.

Holly doesn’t want to be a starving artist, though, and she said she would like to go to pharmacy school and when she is finished with that study photography more seriously.

She’s not opposed to the idea of using her hobby to earn a little cash along the way, and Holly said she might use photography to help pay her way through school.

Mostly, though, Holly’s life behind the camera is about having lots of fun.

“I just like to do it,” she said.