Work dogs are the best among us

Published 11:12 pm Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It was poignant to read that Rex, the German Shepherd of the police department needs retirement, and that his hips should not longer exercise his profession in drug sniffing and more.

I’m thankful though that he may remain as a cared companion of his trainer.

I do hope that the local society responds hurriedly and sufficiently with contributions so that a youthful dog may soon arrive from Belgium to be trained with the Natchez handler in Oklahoma, before coming here to home base to aid against drug proliferation. He may also find wandered-off elders and children or apprehend the evil-minded with their guns and bravado.

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I remember too the pathos it felt some while back when the drug dog in Ferriday died in her sleep.

Even expertly trained dogs exhaust.

I also recall the recuperating dog whose trainer was killed in Iraq. The dog was eventually granted leniency — his honorable discharge after war duty — to retire with the fallen soldier’s family in Mississippi.

Even wounded dogs’ understanding breath consoles the grieving.

We feel the same honor for the dogs of Katrina that searched for dead bodies, what they found, what they witnessed.

Where do I send my pittance for the Rex the drug dog fund?

Corrine M. O’Begley

Natchez resident