More Natchez Walmart arrests made

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 29, 2009

NATCHEZ — The arrest of two Natchez Walmart employees last week has led to more charges and the discovery that $9,182.90 in merchandise was stolen.

A total of five cashiers and one door greeter have been arrested in connection with the shoplifting or embezzlement of clothes, electronics, computers, food, DVDs, household products and other items.

The items were stolen from the store over the course of one week.

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Initial arrests were made on cashiers Erica Marie Jones, 20, 38 Windy Hill Road, Roxie, and Tiffany Williams, 22, Apt. B, 426 Watts Ave.

Jones was allegedly charged $5.25 for $547.50 worth of merchandise.

Both were arrested Jan. 22 and charged with embezzlement.

Natchez Police Sgt. Craig Godbold said she reportedly used her Walmart employee discount card to receive 20 percent off the charged $5.25.

Williams allegedly embezzled $1,181.60 worth of merchandise.

Investigations revealed that the cashiers took turns ringing each other up, Godbold said.

The items were scanned by a device that deactivates the barcode from setting off the store alarm, but not across the scanner that rings up the purchases, he said.

Only a few items were charged, Godbold said, and the employees paid a minimal amount for the items.

The door greeter who was arrested allegedly checked the sales receipt — which would not reflect the items in the cart — and allowed the employee to pass.

Those arrests set off an internal investigation by Walmart based on surveillance tapes and confessions of the arrested. Those arrested said more employees were involved.

With the information gathered by Walmart officials, and with the assistance of the Natchez Police Department, four other employees were arrested Tuesday.

Kendricka Williams, 24, 204 Dumas Drive, a cashier, was arrested and charged with embezzlement for $3,880.40 worth of merchandise.

Cashier Tasha Green, 23, Apt. 21, 135 Lewis Drive, was charged with felony shoplifting for allegedly stealing $695 worth of merchandise.

Cashier Sonya Glamore, 25, 6 Major Blvd., allegedly took $975.83 in merchandise and was charged with felony shoplifting.

Door greeter Gloria McQuarters, 25, 5 John Dale Drive, allegedly took $655.16 worth of merchandise, and was charged with felony shoplifting.

Shoplifting becomes a felony offense if more than $500 worth of goods is stolen.

All those arrested have been released on bond from the city jail.

Godbold said a warrant has been signed to arrest one more Walmart employee for the alleged stealing of $1,246.96 worth of merchandise.

“There are at least two other people they’re looking at,” Godbold said.

Godbold said he has never seen such a widespread scam that involved so many people.