New president brings new page

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 30, 2009

As I recall Jan. 1, when the New Year dawned, I remember pinching myself to make sure that I was still alive and then gave God the glory for allowing me to see this new beginning.

It was as if old things had passed away and new things were being made. I felt as if I was given a new blank page to begin recording what I would do for the next 365 days. I would record the things I would do to make a difference in someone else’s life as well as record the experiences and accomplishments I would make for my own.

As I embarked on the New Year, I had no knowledge of what the future would bring, but in my heart, I was looking forward to it. I also had no knowledge of what trouble was ahead or if the year would be good or bad because of what the economists were saying but soon, I came to my senses and was assured when I realized that I was a child of God.

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And that meant whatever lies ahead, I still would be trusting in the Lord. Although I had no idea of what was ahead for my life, I knew that 2009 was the beginning of history in the making as a black man would start serving his term in office as president of the United States. Even now as the day has passed, tears still come to my eyes at the thought that in my lifetime, I was given the opportunity to see this.

Tears flowed because my fore parents, who have gone on, were skeptical of this event ever happening. They were skeptical because of their downtrodden past of “no hope” that a black man’s worth would ever entitle him to be in the highest position ever given to a person.

Although they were taught this, there was someone, more than 40 years ago; who gave hope by saying it was possible. He told them that there was going to be a change in the years to come. He told them that there was going to be a time when you would see black boys and white girls and vice versa, associating with one another, in love, not trying to remember that there was a time when the very thought of their association with one another would bring confusion to their lives.

That someone who spoke of this hope and such a change in history was the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. He spoke of one night when he had a dream he couldn’t keep silent about, but spoke openly of, to millions of people who thought that he probably was insane to speak of such a thing in a time like the ‘60s.

A dream that was as profound as the one that Daniel interpreted in the Holy Bible. What a dream! And now today, 2009, with the hope from Dr. King’s dream and a black president, a new page has been written in our history books.

This new page was added because the majority said it was time for a change and that they were ready for a change, a change that entailed “no more fighting to stay apart, but fighting to stay together as a people,” a change to be equal, giving a chance to live peacefully and successfully. That is what Dr. King spoke of. I don’t know what this new page in history will bring for the United States of America, but right now, it’s looks good.

It’s looks good because all around the world, in different countries, people are showing their concern that they too believe that a change for the better is needed and that this change is going to come. As we live on through this change, let’s change our hearts and minds to line up with what God has planned for us as his people and get on the same page.

Happy New Year!

Beverly Gibson is a Ferriday resident.