What is Natchez Regional waiting for?

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 1, 2009

It’s time, way past time, that the owners of Natchez Regional Hospital — everyone who pays taxes in Adams County — be let in on the great mystery: who or what is buying the place?

We were told weeks ago that the decision was imminent. Didn’t happen, and still hasn’t. Maybe The Democrat should do what Ted Koppel did many years ago after the crazies in Iran grabbed the U.S. embassy and all its employees and held them for 400-plus days.  On Nightline, Koppel announced each day how many days it had been since the Americans had been seized.

How about it, editors? Start counting down. We owners would like to know who is to be the new owner, what the price tag is and what are the terms.

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And another editorial might be appropriate — the public’s business is best done in public.

Bill Slatter

Natchez resident