Dillard provides good model

Published 11:41 pm Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dan, Dan. Dan’s the man. If he can’t do it no one can.

One of the Miss-Lou’s newest elected officials is certainly a hero right now.

And though we are happy to be a cheering squad for Alderman Dan Dillard, his feat was really quite a simple one.

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He used his brain.

Dillard was the savior of Monday’s four-hour long Adams County Board of Supervisors meeting because he simply thought things through.

During the last two weeks, as the supervisors and the aldermen pondered whether or not the Economic Development Authority should be funded, Dillard did his research.

And Monday as the two boards convened, with the debate raging around him, Dillard stated the obvious — let’s read the law.

Turns out the legislation that governs the EDA clearly states how it should be funded, when the city and county should talk and, in Dillard’s interpretation, whether or not funding can be pulled mid-year.

Dillard discovered what no one else seemed to know — both boards have been breaking the law for years.

Each August, the city and the county are required by law to meet and discuss EDA funding. Apparently, those August meetings have never occurred or at least no one in the room could recall having ever had such a meeting.

It was refreshing to see a new elected official bring to the table such an obvious solution. We are proud that Mr. Dillard handled the situation the way he did, and we hope his counterparts can learn a lesson from the new guy.

It’s time for our leaders to right the wrong, follow the law and use their brains.