Another Natchez Walmart employee arrested

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 5, 2009

NATCHEZ — Another arrest has been made in connection with acts of embezzlement and shoplifting at the Natchez Walmart, and police officials say they expect more to come.

Over the past few weeks, the Natchez Police Department has been working in conjunction with Walmart in making arrests on five cashiers and one door greeter for allegedly shoplifting or embezzling $7,935.94 worth of merchandise.

Now, Angie Council, 21, 101 Highway 33, Fayette, has been arrested on charges of embezzlement for allegedly taking $1,243.48 in goods.

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Sgt. Craig Godbold said Council was identified as a suspect through Walmart’s internal investigation, and an affidavit was signed for her arrest on Jan. 27.

“We had been trying to get her to turn herself in,” Godbold said. “(Tuesday) we gave her a choice of either turning herself in or we’d come get her.”

She turned herself in on Tuesday.

Godbold said Walmart is still identifying other employees involved in the scam in which employees are only charged a minimal amount of money for a large amount of items.

Clothes, electronics, food and more have been taken from Walmart at discounted prices in the total amount of $9,179.42.

The employees have allegedly been ringing each other up, but only charging each other for a few items among many.

The items were scanned across the device that would deactivate the barcode, thus preventing the items from setting off the store alarm. But most items were not scanned by the device that charges the items.