Foster Mound fire department gets rating

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 10, 2009

NATCHEZ — Residents living near the Foster Mound Volunteer Fire Station could be in for a pleasant surprise.

Adams County Emergency Management Director Stan Owens said the Foster Mound Volunteer Department was recently added to the list of 10th-class certified fire departments in the county.

While the news makes the department the last of the county’s four volunteer departments to receive certification, it also means residents living near the station house could be eligible for a decrease in the cost of their homeowners insurance.

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Owens said, normally, when a volunteer department receives its certification, residents within 5 road-miles get a 5 percent reduction in their insurance costs.

“It’s good news for the department and the residents,” Owens said.

Mississippi State Rating Bureau Field Ratings Representative Ty Windham said while most insurance companies do give a discount for living near a fire station, residents should call their insurance provider to find out if the discount applies.

And Owens said while he’s pleased to see the Foster Mound Department get its certification, he wants to see all the volunteer departments in the county reach for even higher ratings.

The 10th class ranking is the lowest on a scale of 1 to 10.

“This is the first rung on the ladder for us,” Owens said.

The Kingston Department has a 9th class rating, while the Lake Montrose and Liberty Road Departments have 10th class ratings.

In an effort to bolster the ratings, Owens, who also oversees the county’s volunteer departments, plans to implement more organization between the four departments and recruit more volunteers.

Owens said there are no 1st class departments in the state. The Natchez Fire Department has a 5th class ranking.