Student awarded for top ACT score

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 12, 2009

NATCHEZ — When Beth Floyd talks about winning the STAR student award at Adams County Christian School, she’s anything but boastful.

“I guess it’s something to be proud of,” she said leaning on a locker in the school’s hallway. “It’s kind of an honor.”

Floyd, 17, won the award due to her high score on the ACT.

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With a 28, she scored higher than any other senior in the school.

And unlike some other students, Floyd said she didn’t spend much time practicing or preparing for the test.

“I just took it,” she said. “And I did OK.”

While Floyd is modest about her award, she said the best part of winning was getting the chance to pick the school’s STAR teacher.

“He’s just a great teacher,” she said of Gill Morris.

Morris, the school’s history and social studies teacher, has had Floyd in every class he teaches.

“I wish I had 80 more students like her,” Morris said. “She’s the kind of person who will always excel in everything she does; she’s very driven.”

While Floyd’s favorite subjects are math and biology she said she selected Morris for the award because he always goes beyond the text in the book.

“He doesn’t just give us the information,” Floyd said. “He always explains what’s happening and gives lots of context.”

Morris said he developed his in-depth teaching style because not all of the necessary historical information can be found in history books.

“Sometimes you have to go beyond the book,” he said.

After graduation, Floyd will attend the University of Southern Mississippi, where she will major in kinesiology.