Woman swindled, money taken

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 12, 2009

NATCHEZ — After giving two women a ride to McDonald’s Tuesday afternoon, a Natchez woman found herself without $800.

Natchez Police Chief Mike Mullins said the 39-year-old victim picked up a young woman from a local grocery store.

The victim and the suspect then drove to another local grocery store and picked up another woman.

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Both suspects told the victim they were hungry, and the victim started driving them to the fast food restaurant.

On the way, Mullins said the victim stopped at a bank to cash an $800 check.

When they arrived at McDonald’s the victim reported she put her cash in the glove compartment.

One of the suspects carried a paper bag, which she told the victim contained $200,000 from a recent insurance settlement, Mullins said.

The suspect placed the alleged bag of money inside the glove compartment along with the recently cashed $800.

The victim reported she waited in her vehicle for the two female suspects to return, but they never did.

“She looked in the glove compartment all there was was a paper bag,” Mullins.

The suspects had allegedly taken her money, he said.

The charges against the two suspects is grand larceny.