Rivera must pay damages

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 17, 2009

NATCHEZ — John Rivera had his day in court — and he lost.

On Thursday, Chancery Court Judge George Ward sided with Mark Trevisiol in Trevisiol’s suit against Rivera.

Rivera, CEO and chairman of Sustainable Power Corporation, was found to have defrauded Trevisiol and was the recipient of undue enrichment from Trevisiol, Ward found.

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Ward’s findings also mean Rivera must now pay Trevisiol more than $121,000 in compensatory and punitive damages.

Trevisiol could not be reached for comment.

Rick Bass, Trevisiol’s attorney, said he was pleased with Ward’s ruling.

“His version of events has been vindicated,” Bass said of his client.

The crux of Trevisiol’s argument was that he provided Rivera with funding to keep his fuel development business operational and also purchased a warehouse for Rivera to house his facility.

In return, Trevisiol was supposed to have gotten rent from the warehouse, rights to Rivera’s fuel development process and proceeds from the sale, should Rivera sell the process.

But none of that ever happened.

In Ward’s findings he said he could find no evidence that Rivera had any unique fuel manufacturing process or that he had ever made fuels in any significant quantity.

Additionally, Rivera also never paid any rent on the Port Gibson facility Trevisiol purchased.

Ward ordered Rivera to pay $10,890 in unpaid rent from the Port Gibson facility, $61,560.55 that Trevisiol gave him as bridge financing and $50,000 in damages.

Rivera could not be reached for contact.

His attorney, Scott Pintard, said he was unaware of the ruling and had not spoken to Rivera in several days.

“We don’t know where he is,” he said.

Pintard said he did not know if Rivera would appeal the ruling.