Parish has model worth following

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 19, 2009

If the Miss-Lou were a school, Concordia Parish might just be where the smart but cool students are hanging out.

Indeed, the Concordia Parish Recreation District No. 3 might just win both the Best Citizen and the Most Likely to Succeed awards.

On Tuesday, members of the recreation board met to review plans for its proposed new Vidalia recreation complex.

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We applaud the board, chaired by Marc Archer, for its methodical, focused approach on making something happen with recreation in the Miss-Lou.

Across the region, our recreation facilities are subpar at best. Improvements are needed across-the-board, and in Concordia Parish recreation leaders have a plan and appear to be working the plan step by step.

As Archer said Tuesday, “This won’t happen overnight.”

But it also won’t happen without the leadership of the recreation board and the cooperation of all involved.

At the moment, the recreation board appears to have good traction on the issue and appears to be steadily heading toward the finish line.

Whether the facility is completed in three years, five years or 10 years, we firmly believe that the facility will happen.

When the project is complete, we can all chalk up a victory for the community’s teamwork.