Until spelling us do part

Published 11:17 pm Saturday, February 21, 2009

It almost didn’t happen Friday morning.

With arm extended and ring in hand the groom reached out to place the finger on the bride’s hand. For a split second the bride shied away, looking as if she had made a mistake.

Watch an audio slideshow of the West Primary QU wedding. Click here for slideshow

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For a moment the entire world of spelling and reading stood in suspense.

There were whispers among the crowd.

What would happen if this marriage did not take place? What would happen to quarters and quivers, to quandaries and quarrels, after all?

West Primary students, teachers and parents queued up to see the wedding of the school year. The letters Q and U were to be united in matrimony — a marriage that was suddenly in question.

Thankfully, the bride didn’t quake and the groom did not quit and the marriage went on with little more than a quibble.

After the exchanging of vows, the preacher announced, “By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you QU, in reading and in spelling.”

With a polite shaking of hands, Q and U marched down the aisle united together in the spelling and reading world forever.

The wedding party was made of students from West Primary, primarily from Kirby Watts’ class.

The ceremony was the culmination of “Take Your Family to School Week” at West Primary School.

Each day parents were invited to take part in a variety of educational programs ranging from learning what makes a successful parent-teacher conference to discovering how to enhance learning in the classroom. Coupled with these learning activities were events like a dad’s tug-of-war and Friday morning’s wedding.