Trucks pull down line, traffic light

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 28, 2009

NATCHEZ — Two large trucks were the downfall of a traffic light on Seargent S. Prentiss Drive Thursday morning.

According to the Natchez Police report, at 7:53, a log truck was traveling north on Seargent S. Prentiss when it snagged a traffic light and lines in front of Natchez Regional Medical Center.

The log truck pulled over at Parkway Baptist Church shortly after and gave his report to a police officer.

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As police officer was directing traffic at the intersection with the damaged lines, a dump truck was attempting to go through the signal.

The officer was directing the truck to turn wide in order to avoid the now-low lines.

Instead, the dump truck went under the lines and the tarp arm of the truck snagged the line.

The traffic light then fell into the bed of the dump truck, according to the report.

The light was later removed from the truck.