No news of money for the county yet

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 5, 2009

NATCHEZ — As the City of Natchez makes plans to spend its portion of recently received stimulus money, Adams County leaders haven’t heard a word on when they’ll see any portion of the package.

“Right now we’re just waiting to hear back from them,” Adams County Supervisor Darryl Grennell said.

And it’s not just the supervisors who are unsure of how, or when, the money will get to the county.

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Southwest Planning and Development District Director Wirt Peterson said he, like the supervisors, has no idea when the county can expect to start seeing the funding come in.

Peterson is managing the county’s requests for funding.

“We have no direct information at this time,” he said.

Peterson said he is aware of funding other state agencies have received that will likely be used to funnel money to Adams County.

“I haven’t seen anything that says the money will come directly to the county,” he said.

Conversely, Peterson said that does not mean money won’t come directly to the county.

Peterson said funding that’s been allocated to the Office of Children and Youth Services and the Community Development Block Grant program will be making its way to the county.

Peterson said there’s no way to know when, or how much, money will get to Adams County.

“We’re just waiting to hear the specifics,” he said.

But while they’re waiting, county officials are also working.

Since projects to receive funding are supposed to be ready to be started within 120 days of funding allocation, County Engineer Jim Marlow said the county is getting ready.

Marlow is currently doing preliminary engineering work on some road and bridge projects.

“We want them to be ready quickly when the money is in place,” Marlow said.

And projects, like bridgework on Lower Woodville Road have already gone through preliminary engineering and are almost ready to go to contract, Marlow said

The supervisors have requested approximately $66 million in stimulus funding for projects like: a new jail, veterans housing complex, new fire stations, road overlays, tourism enhancement and improvements at the Natchez-Adams Port.