God’s Angelic Warriors to have tea

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 6, 2009

Saturday at St. Peter Baptist Church, 207 Parker St., God’s Angelic Warriors — a cancer support group and their friends and family will host the Seventh Annual Survivor’s Tea. The tea was started as a fundraiser for the Relay for Life.

The group serves as a support group for themselves and for those they know who are going through treatment or who have been diagnosed and need a shoulder to lean on. We have been there and know the fears that one  may have when they are told the results of a test.

God’s Angelic Warriors were organized by Mrs. Demetria Reed, a 20-plus year survivor and Mrs. Evelyn Smith, also a long term survivor. They saw a need and the group had it’s beginning. It has truly been a Godsend to many of us who have been diagnosed after them.

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When they were diagnosed, there was no such group for them to ask questions. Finding some comfort from family and close friends were what they had to depend.

That is why we work all year for the American Cancer Society and have a team at Relay for Life. We will be expecting our families, friends and the general public to come to the tea to receive information, socialize and help us raise funds for this worthwhile cause.

We want you to realize that this disease has no respect for whom it attacks. This is why we know that it is so essential to be diagnosed early.  Early detection is the key. Let’s make it a habit for saving lives.

That is what our support group[ is all about — helping those who have to go through what we have been through and to support those of us who are now in treatment, whether it be surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. There are some times when only one of the facets are encountered and others when all three are the necessary treatments.

All of the funds raised go directly to the American Cancer Society.  None of the collected money is kept by the group. We used our personal funds to carry out the services that we do on an individual basis. Keep in mind that it is not necessary that you be a cancer survivor to be a part of our support group. We do  have valuable members who are not cancer survivors.  Many times, one needs the services and strength of a well person who has a positive attitude and will be uplifting in spirit to get through the obstacles that they have to face.

The trip to the clinic, an hour or two to a shopping mall or a beauty salon appointment are often times much needed.

Please join us to find out what we are about and help us in the endeavor to raise much needed funds for our Relay for Life team.

We are your friends, family and neighbors, so join us for a relaxing and enjoyable evening. If you cannot attend the tea, you can join us at the Vidalia Riverfront at the Relay for Life on May 1. We are a team made of survivors. We are only ladies at this time, but we know that the disease is not limited to ladies. Thanks for your support and hope to see you at the tea and/or relay!

Lillian Clark Edney is a member of God’s Angelic Warriors.