More arrests made in Walmart case

Published 12:07 am Tuesday, March 10, 2009

NATCHEZ — Three new arrests have been made and three people originally arrested are facing more charges in connection with the embezzlement of nearly $18,000 in merchandise from the Natchez Walmart.

Arrests of Walmart employees began in January by the Natchez Police Department, which handed down embezzlement and felony charges based on an ongoing internal investigation by the store.

Previously, a total of six employees were arrested for allegedly stealing approximately $9,000 worth of merchandise, including electronics, food, household products and clothing.

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Three of the original six employees have been arrested on several charges of shoplifting for their alleged involvement in the scam.

The employees — cashiers — allegedly scanned items without charging them, but disabled the bar code that would activate the door alarm.

They charged few items, and the employees reportedly walked off with many items for very little.

Tiffany Williams, 22, Apt. B, 426 Watts Ave. was arrested in January for allegedly embezzling $1,181.60 worth of merchandise.

She was arrested Monday on 13 misdemeanor shoplifting charges and two felony shoplifting charges.

Erica Marie Jones, 20, 38 Windy Hill Road, Roxie, turned herself in Friday on 13 misdemeanor charges and two felony charges of shoplifting.

She was originally charged with embezzlement.

Gloria McQuarters, 25, 5 John Dale Drive, the only door greeter charged, was arrested originally in January on felony shoplifting charges for allegedly taking almost $700 worth of merchandise.

She was arrested again Friday on one misdemeanor charge of shoplifting, and her husband Alexander McQuarters, 23, was arrested in connection to the scam as well and charged with felony shoplifting.

Two new suspects were charged Friday on Monday.

Daisy Bell Leonard, 53, 610 Carolina Ave., Ferriday, turned herself in on Monday. She was charged with six counts of misdemeanor shoplifting.

Jellena Ivory, 59, 165 Cloverdale Road, was arrested Friday and charged with three counts of misdemeanor shoplifting.

A total of approximately $7,500 worth of merchandise was allegedly stolen among the six employees, in addition to the approximate $9,000.

Natchez Police Sgt. Craig Godbold said police officials recovered $2,059.90 worth of merchandise from the McQuarters’ residence.

“Our evidence vault looks like a mini-Walmart now,” he said.

Information was gathered through surveillance video, interviews of other employees and checking cash registers.

Godbold said Walmart is continuing with its internal investigation.