Mayor close to sending audit answers

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 11, 2009

ferriday — Ferriday Mayor Glen McGlothin said he’s ready to send off answers in response to the state legislative auditor’s office.

The findings of the audit regarding the town’s water system were rehashed by certified public accountant Myles Hopkins, who McGlothin invited to Tuesday night’s town council meeting.

The audit from June 30, 2008, gave a qualified opinion stating that auditors were unable to tell how much water was being consumed by the town.

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Hopkins also said auditors were “unable to agree with the calculations of water bills” and that money accrued from the bills could not be entirely accounted for at the bank.

He said $400 per day was missing from the bank.

“We can’t tell what the financial position of the town is,” he said.

McGlothin was sent a letter requesting he answer to these findings, in addition to other improperly given funds to former Mayor Gene Allen.

The improper funds were in relation is nearly $3,000 in vacation pay he collected and $822.16 in reimbursements during a trip to Las Vegas.

Payments to a local church over damages caused by backed up sewer lines were questioned, as well.

McGlothin said as far as the questions of the water system are concerned, the new system to be installed will answer those.

For the others, McGlothin said he’s been working on answering those as well, and there is no question as to whether they’ll continue to go unanswered.

“We’re going to do whatever we can do,” he said. “I’m going to do what they want me to do.”

McGlothin has been given 30 days to respond from the letter’s issuance on Feb. 24.

“We’re ready to send it in,” he said.

In other news:

4 Alderman Elijah “Stepper” Banks made a motion to introduce an ordinance for aldermen pay raises.

Alderman Johnny Brown seconded the motion, and a public hearing will take place at the next council meeting in April.

4 The board voted to accept the lowest bid for an excavator for the town.

The used excavator that the board voted to buy costs $32,500.

4 McGlothin announced that Ferriday will be pre-applying for a grant through the Delta Regional Authority, and the application is due March 20.

He said the town can ask for up to $150,000 in funds, and requested the aldermen compile a list of projects the town needs.

“Let’s come up with something that will benefit everybody,” he said.

4 The board voted to give the Delta Music Festival $3,000, as it does every year.

4 McGlothin announced the city clean up will be March 15, starting at the bayou on E.E. Wallace Boulevard and moving into the downtown area.

“We’re not going to make you chop down trees,” he said. “If you feel like you can help, we’d love for you to come out.”