Common sense finally prevails

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 26, 2009

After a moment or two of confusion as a couple of Natchez aldermen struggled to understand exactly whether they should vote “yes” or “no” Tuesday, common sense ultimately reigned.

The slightly shaky vote solidifies the city’s intent on annexing two tracts of undeveloped land — one to the north and one to the south.

The vote was an attempt by Alderman James “Ricky” Gray to rescind the board’s previous unanimous support of the annexation proposal.

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That support came into question last week after three aldermen — Gray, Joyce Arceneaux-Mathis and Ernest “Tony” Fields — voiced opposition.

Fortunately, Fields came to his senses on Tuesday and rejected Gray’s motion to rescind the board’s previous action.

Fields’ move is refreshing in that he seems to trying hard to learn the ropes while not merely following the pack.

That’s greatly needed.

Fields and his two fellow rookie aldermen — Dan Dillard and Mark Fortenbery — have shown good common sense as they’ve begun learning their new roles.

We applaud them for their common sense, common man take on their office.