Here’s to hoping for no floodwaters

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 5, 2009

As northern snow begins to melt, all eyes in the Miss-Lou turn to the Mississippi River.

When water levels are low, it’s easy to sort of discount the importance of the river and its amazing power.

But when waters begin to rise, even the most lax of residents take notice.

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Last year, our area saw near-record high river levels — the second highest ever recorded.

Water completely engulfed Silver Street along with a few rural county roads on the Mississippi side of the river.

And the river flexed its muscle on the Louisiana side by lapping at the Vidalia Riverfront, pressuring levees and seeping backwards up the drainpipes.

Creatures of all kinds fled their normally dry homes as the waters rose. Alligators, for example, were seen basking near the tops of levees — some of the few dry spots they could find near their normal haunts.

Last year’s flood brought some truly amazing sights and gave us all some newfound respect for the Mississippi.

It’s too early to tell just how high the water may rise again this year. Although we hope and pray that it never again reaches such high levels, we know our community is prepared in case it does.