trinity episcopal day school honor roll|

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 5, 2009

Natchez — Trinity Episcopal recently released the honor roll for the third nine weeks grading period. Names followed by an asterisk denotes students who received all As.


Headmaster’s List: *Christianna Ballard, Ricky Dollar, Ryley Downey *Kailey Hutchins, *Lydia McClatchey, Jordan Petty, Brooke Wiley.

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Honor Roll: Grant Cunningham.


Headmaster’s List: *Margaret Carey, *Henry Daly, *Mark Iles, Alex Miller, Cena Mullins, Alex Patel, *Aman Patel.

Honor Roll: Courtney Hillebrandt, Kyler Parks, Prem Patel.


Headmaster’s List: *Thomas Carey, *Jack Daly, Presley Davis Lauren King, *Sarah Rodriguez.

Honor Roll: Caroline Coffey.


Headmaster’s List: Murphy Aldridge, *Wesley Gore, Ashton Mason, Hilari Patel, Sarah Simmons, *Rudy Timm.

Honor Roll: Lauren O’Quinn, Logan Sewell.


Headmaster’s List: Kandice Bailey, Patsy Coffey, Madeline Iles, Matthew Lee, *Bethany Ogden, Sammy Qa’dan, Caleb Upton.

Honor Roll: Daniel Dunaway, Will Maxwell, Andrew Moroney, Katie Steele, Margaret Ward.


Headmaster’s List: Sarah Bryan, Morgan Huber, Priya Patel, Mary Wilkerson, Marylee Williams.

Honor Roll: Erin O’Quinn, Nick Partridge.


Headmaster’s List: Brittany McCalip, *Jheri Ogden, Max Seage, *Emory Smith.

Honor Roll: Hannah Vines.


Headmaster’s List: Kate Huseman, Mary Catherine Iles,*Lesley Pomeroy.