Teamwork will spell win for area

Published 11:11 pm Tuesday, April 7, 2009

None of us are as smart as all of us — it’s a difficult lesson for the ego-driven among us to learn.

But head down to the Duncan Park fields this summer, find the most successful team and ask the youngsters a thing or two about teamwork.

They know that a pitcher can’t win a game without help from the hitters. Hitters can’t win when the pitcher is bad. And the shortstop can’t throw someone out at first without a good catch from the first baseman.

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Sports embody the teamwork necessary to make the world turn. And we hope as city and county leaders begin work on a recreation plan with private businessmen the whole gang will take a lesson or two from the kids.

Let’s work together.

Some members of the board of supervisors balked Monday at one part of a recreation plan currently on the table.

Two private landowners have offered to donate a sizeable portion of land for a recreation complex. But the men have apparently made the stipulation that the complex must be complete within two years.

It’s a short time frame in the world of government, yes, but it’s not reason to question the entire deal.

Let’s get all three entities — county and city boards and the developers — on the same team and in the same room. Let’s discuss the stipulations and see if an agreement can be met.

Together, we are smart enough to figure this out for the future of our children.