Residents gather to protest new taxes

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 16, 2009

NATCHEZ — On the steps of Natchez City Hall Wednesday, county and city residents gathered for a Taxed Enough Already Party — and they weren’t alone.

Across the country thousands of similar anti-tax protests were staged to voice objection to what many believe will be a new wave of taxes coming from the Obama administration.

Locally, about 75 people attended.

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Most protesters toted homemade signs that decried new taxes, the raise in property taxes in Mississippi and even the cost of car tags.

And while the meeting was billed as a chance to protest new taxes, it turned to a general airing of grievances.

Donna Hardy stood on the steps of city hall, protest sign in hand, and spoke against topics like new taxes, the price of ammunition, illegal immigration and even healthcare for veterans.

Hardy was quick to point out that she doesn’t mind paying taxes, but she doesn’t want new taxes.

“We are taxed enough already, and we don’t want (our taxes) to be spent wildly,” she said.

One speaker rallied the crowd against taxpayer-funded abortions, while another spoke against the national murder rate.

And another speaker, suspecting Obama wasn’t born in America, demanded the American people see a copy of his birth certificate.

Ken Rogers organized the event and said he was pleased with the outcome and the turnout.

“I think it went great,” Rogers said as the crowd dissipated.

Rogers said he felt compelled to host the event because he’s concerned current actions in Congress will place too many new tax burdens on the American people.

And while a clear theme of the afternoon wasn’t always discernable, Rogers said he felt the issues brought up Wednesday, many of which get tax funding, are important to people.

“This concerns a lot of people,” Rogers said. “And a lot of these issues boil over into other tax issues. And this is all just good old fashioned Americanism, it’s not dead yet.”