Voters will not stand for antics

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Mathis/Gray antics should come as no surprise to the people of Natchez.

They are merely following in the footsteps of their mentor, Philip West. Phillip’s entire political career was based on accusations of racial discrimination.

The race card was constantly played to get the attention of the voters who put him in office and kept him there. Now, give Phillip his due. He’s intelligent, shrewd and was savvy to the fact that he could make many who wanted to be politically correct, shiver in their shoes and made them walk on eggshells when he claimed racially motivated politics were involved.

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Mathis and Gray’s actions are deplorable to say the least, and an insult to those voters who elected them.

Their racism claims are being used to shroud the fact that they are doing nothing to help the people of Natchez. To justify their paychecks, they are trying to dupe voters in their respective wards into thinking that they are working for them. They are grossly underestimating the intelligence of those voters.

For the most part, the voters in their wards are tiring of their antics. Mathis and Gray are not racists; they are, to coin a new phrase “Westists.” However, they may also follow in the footsteps of their mentor, Phillip West, and have their political careers abruptly come to a halt.

It will be interesting to see if the voters in the Mathis and Gray wards decide to make positive changes and elect aldermen who will show respect to the city’s department heads and not insult the intelligence of the voters. Electing aldermen who will actually work for progress in both wards as well as for the City of Natchez will bring a breath of fresh air to the area. Time will tell.

Gary Shaifer

Natchez Resident