Line forms for CCA jobs

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 21, 2009

NATCHEZ — Job seekers turned-out in droves Monday, hoping for a post at the new Corrections Corporation of America prison in Adams County.

While CCA officials expect to hire approximately 400 workers to run the prison, more than 1,100 hundred turned up for CCA’s job fair Monday, Warden Vance Laughlin said.

“This has been an unbelievable turnout,” he said. “People are very excited about this.”

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At approximately 3 p.m., the crowds had dwindled from the morning rush and those working the fair were preparing for the evening onslaught.

“When people start getting off work, that’s when we’ll see the second rush,” Laughlin said.

Waiting for the second rush was Capt. Tracey Quintana, a 14-year CCA veteran working at a New Mexico facility.

Quintana, who normally works as a disciplinary hearing officer, was meeting with potential employees during the fair.

“They’re asking about salary, 401Ks, insurance, vacation and all the normal stuff,” Quintana said.

Laughlin said most of Monday was focused on staffing correctional and administrative positions.

And of the applicants Quintana met with, she estimated at least 40 percent have already worked, or do work, in a prison facility.

Kathy Dodge currently works in a nearby prison facility and was filling out an application to work as a guard Monday afternoon.

“It’s good they’re having this,” Dodge said of the job fair. “Right now a lot of people are out there and looking for work. This is going to help some people.”

This week’s fair runs through Wednesday.

Laughlin said all applicants should be prepared to fill out an application online.